Exclusively available from ERIKS: Hose burst valve with integrated muffling

Safe transport with the SSD hose-break guard from

At last - a trouble-free hose-break guard that is easy to fit!

Following pressure loss caused by a broken hose in the hydraulic system, the lift cylinders can drop and the frame of the trailer can keel over, especially if the cargo is loaded asymmetrically.

This can produce a complex sequence of results:

  • The wheels block and grind into the road surface;
  • The valuable cargo can be damaged;
  • The cargo has to be transferred with a large crane;
  • Traffic jams;
  • Loss of time for the customer;
  • Image damage;
  • Oil leakage.

Criminal proceedings will inevitably follow because of the safety issues and question of liability for the damaged caused.

Mammoet trailer slangbreukbeveiliger

Exclusively available from ERIKS

The SSD hose-break guard is a ‘breakthrough’.
This patented, innovative and elegant solution with built-in muffling can be quickly and easily built in during regular servicing. Guards are usually fitted to prevent damage resulting from a hose break. Most present-day solutions are, however, time-consuming to fit because of the size and the weight of the safety valves, plus they are prone to regular malfunctioning.
  How does the hose-break guard work?
In the event of a sudden hose break, the valve effectively shuts off the oil supply to the hose. However, impulse pressures regularly occur during the normal use of hydraulic systems that can cause an oil flow rate higher than the permitted safety tolerances and that can accidentally trigger the operation of the installed hose-guard mechanism. To prevent this, the SSD hose-break guard is fitted with an integrated muffler that, to all intents and purposes, eliminates seizing of the safety valve on the hose-break guard as a result of pressure accumulation or
peak loads.

How break guard passes simulation test
The performance of each safety valve is tested during a simulated hose break in which the maximum flow rate of hydraulic fluid Q in dm3/minute is measured. The required trigger for the safety valve is adjusted to minus 10%. The choice of throttle allows any desired setting.

      Slangbreukbeveiliging (Custom)        Slangbreukbeveiliging doorsnede (Custom)
The advantages of the SSD hose-break guard
  • Vents automatically after oil has flowed through for one minute; manual venting is no longer required!
  • Contains no plastic components or seals and is therefore suitable for all media that are non-corrosive for metal;
  • Working pressure to 400 bar, usable to -50° C;
  • Extraordinarily compact, space-saving, and easy to fit inline; hexagonal 36 mm, length < 100 mm, connections ¾” BSP;
  • Zinc/nickel coated for greater corrosion resistance;
  • Approximate weight only 620 grams;
  • Does not shut following short impulse pressures, as they occur in suspension hydraulics when driving over obstacles;
  • Opens automatically when reverse pressure is detected.
  • Absolutely maintenance-free;

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