ERIKS gasket technology

A modern company with broad experience in sealing products

Our entire organization is set up to provide the best possible service to industry and shipping. The fact that practically all products are available from stock or own production lines proves this is not just an empty claim.



  • Technical rubber products
  • Metal gaskets
  • PTFE precision products
  • Braided packings and mechanical seals
  • Bellows
  • Miscellaneous trade products


We always aim to provide our customer with the best and therefore a complete service.

More specialties from ERIKS gasket technology

PTFE precision products

Products made of PTFE are an essential part of many
constructions and processes. We manufacture these in any shape or size.

Being a distributor of Norton Precision Products means that we can supply a wide range of PTFE products. PTFE is used in gaskets as an envelope which is combined with a flexible insertion to produce a gasket that is highly resistant to chemicals. A wide range of rings is also produced for use in ball valves, butterfly valves and various kinds of couplings.
The different types of machinery makes it possible to deliver on the basis of computer-controlled volume production or unit production according to a sample or drawning. Stock of semi-finished products: sheet, bar, tube and film.


Braided packing

We have a wide range of braided packing for use in valves and as a packing for shafts with a rotating or reciprocating movement.

The following materials are used: 

  • PTFE, - Graphite, - Aramid, -Vegetable fibres
  • Metal fibres

We represent the following producers:

  • Garlock GmbH., Beldam Crossley Ltd. and Propack GmbH


The partnership with Dekomte enables us to offer a wide range of bellows and a great deal of experience in the field of gas turbines and flue gas ducts.


The possibilities:

  • fabric bellows made of various materials
  • metal bellows
  • rubber bellows made of various materials
  • PTFE bellows


We and Dekomte can offer you:

  • competent technicians 
  • calculation programs
  • various patented designs
  • own team of fitters
  • production of the required metal parts
  • after sales service
  • and even more


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Cutting workshop

We have our own up-to-date workshop for toolmaking and cutting gaskets. We can cut the products you need from any suitable material. Carrying out all the cutting work under our own management assures you of the best possible service and quality.


Asbestos-free sheet jointing

  • ERIKS: PT 50 and PT 60.
  • Frenzelit: Novapress® Multi, Novapress® 815 , Novaform® SK and Novatec® Premium.
  • Garlock GmbH: Bluegard® 3000, Garfite- N (HTC 9850) and other available materials.

Synthetic materials

  • PTFE, all types of Gylon, all types of Gore, Teadit, Rulon®, etc.



  • SBR, EPDM, Neopreen®, NBR, Viton®, Siliconen, Hypalon®, Butyl, Cellular and sponge rubber



Metal workshop

The metal workshop manufactures various types of metallic gaskets. The flexible set-up means that the machinery can easily be switched from volume to service production. We offer an extra facility at its service centre in the Botlek area, where you can get various types of metal gaskets or have these specially made.  A large number of finished ”standard” metal gaskets are stored here.

Hertoflex Spiralwound gaskets

This is a familiar type of gasket with a construction that makes it suitable for highly changeable operating conditions. All  components of the spiralwound gaskets can be made to order from various kinds of metals, such as stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, titanium, monel, hastelloy, etc. It can also be supplied with a filler of graphite, PTFE, etc.

Camprofile gaskets

The camprofile gasket is one of the products in our range of semi-metallic gaskets. It consists of a grooved, solidmetal carrier with a layer of graphite or PTFE on both sides.
We produce both standard and non-standard camprofile gaskets, such as:

  • flat
  • convex
  • with centring ring (loose of fixed)
  • without centring ring
  • with bars


The construction of a camprofile gasket makes it
eminently suitable for use at high pressures and temperatures. Camprofile gaskets are also used extensively as gaskets for heat exchangers.


A major advantage of camprofile gaskets is that they can be re-used. This saves money, time and the
environment. Once a camprofile gasket has been
reconditioned by us, it satisfies the most stringent requirements again.

Ring Type Joints (RTJ)

rtjRTJ is a type of solid metal gaskets for use at high pressures and temperatures.
Construction : oval or octagonal
Materials : Armco-D (SI), F5, stainless steel 304, 316, 321, etc.

Flat carrier with layer

This is a type of gaskets for heat exchangers.
It consists of a solid flat carrier with a graphite layer.
The gaskets comes in various types. Like the camprofile gaskets, the flat carrier can also be reconditioned.

Double Jacketed gaskets

This is a completely sealed type of gasket with a metal envelope and a graphite filler. It is mainly used in heat exchangers.
Materials : Armco-D (SI), stainless steel 304, 316,
321, etc. The gasket can be supplied in various types.