Potable water certificate (KIWA) on several EPDM o-ring materials

ERIKS has acquired KIWA, UBA and WRAS certifications for three EPDM materials in different hardness grades, confirming the compounds are safe to use in potable water applications.

Potable water certification is becoming more and more important because the products are required to resist the chemical and thermal environments present in the equipment, while not releasing any unwanted or unknown contaminants in the process.

ERIKS can now offer 3 EPDM materials according to KIWA regulations, which is unique in the market:

  • EPDM 60 Compound 559843
  • EPDM 70 Compound 55985
  • EPDM 80 Compound 559865

What does KIWA mean?

The Dutch assessment guideline BRL-K17504 contains all the demands on basis of which KIWA handles requests for certification and grants a KIWA product certificate for vulcanized rubber products for cold and hot water drinking applications in Holland.

kiwa-logo-origineelFor this certification both our production process as well as the end products have been tested and inspected extensively (mechanical and toxic) and received a positive evaluation.

European  coverage

The ERIKS compounds are also Elastomer Leitlinie approved, which is obligatory on the German market. Additionally, they have DVGW W270 and WRAS approval. The compounds can be used to produce a wide range of end products, such as o-rings but also molded parts like tules, lip rings, x-rings and other products according to drawing.

Obtaining the KIWA certificate for EPDM 70 Compound 55985 will allow ERIKS to cover all market demands with its EPDM 70 range. The overview shows all EPDM 70 compounds and their target markets. In the near future we will expand the EPDM compound range for applications requiring FDA and/or EC1935:2004 compliance.

Lead times

ERIKS keeps a wide range of EPDM 70 Compound 55985 o-rings in stock in Alkmaar. Do you need a sample of a moulded part according to drawing? This can also be arranged quickly; we have compound available in all three potable water grades as well as in other EPDM 70 compounds, which can be moulded at our own sample production facility in Alkmaar.

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