The traditional V-belts used on the sludge circulation pumps had a life expectancy of one month on average.
This life span was no longer considered acceptable. For this kind of application Gates recommended to use a PowerGrip® GT3 belt, one of the most powerful belts in the product range with the objective to increase the reliability of this essential process step and to increase the durability of the drive.
A tailor-made drive design with Gates PowerGrip® GT3 belts was developed. The life expectancy of PowerGrip® GT3 belts is over 25,000 hours (2 ½ years) but was set on 2 years in this particular case due to the harsh conditions. When comparing the PowerGrip® GT3 belt with the traditional belt we see that by simply using an energy-efficient belt the total cost saving amounts to 4,599 € a year.


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